Photographer. Storyteller. Traveller.

 Photograph by  Peter Bergmeier .

Photograph by Peter Bergmeier.

Welcome.  My name is Erin Wilson, and I'm based between Canada, Chile and Kurdistan.

I'm a photographer + artist, storyteller + story gatherer,  exhibit designer + installation maven, listener + learner, student + teacher, mentor + cheerleader, local food advocate + unrepentant lover of kale.  And I'll happily buy you a fair trade coffee and vegan donut if you're passing through town (well... if that happens to be my Canadian home.  We'll improvise otherwise).

I'm one of the faces behind The ONE-SHOT Project.  Some of the hats I wear are Communications Manager, teacher, tweeter (@oneshotproject), and friend to some absolutely amazing Kurdish kids!

My current projects include curating a collection for a student exhibit for The ONE-SHOT Project (Los Angeles, April 20 – May 4,); consulting and editing for photographers; consulting, writing and photographing for local farmers and local food community; as well as two ongoing personal projects–photographing communities after dark, and documenting street art in Santiago.

Fully booked until Spring 2013.  Limited availability for projects in Chile (Spring 2013), Canada (Summer 2013) and northern Iraq (Fall/Winter 2013).